Welcome to a new way of doing business, NII Solutions, the industry's most advanced returnable tracking system. Now you have the power to customize the tracking of your resources in real time, anywhere in the world, all the time.

    • Establish the routing and scheduling of materials in your plant...to and from your suppliers and your customers in order to meet your production and shipping requirements.
    • Know where your returnables are located...in your facilities, at suppliers, in the warehouse, in transit, to customers, and more!
    • Set your own container and part movement to control inventory and production requirements.
    • Know the history of your assets. Where your returnables have been and how much they have been used.
    • Access Shipping and Receiving reports.
    • Set your own user security levels.
    • Benefit from automatic updates and 24 hour help line.
    • and, Instantly find exceptions to your routing and scheduling.


NII Solutions works like this.

    1. After accessing your Solutions account, you may instantly check the status of all your incoming and outgoing returnables. This information is available to you in a variety of detailed reports:

    • Report by Returnables
    • Show returnable listing
    • Report by Parts * Show Parts listing
    • Report Usage


    2. You will be alerted to any exceptions in your returnables¹ status.

    3. Finally, you have the power to instantly inform every link in your supply chain of those exceptions, eliminating inefficiencies of time and money.  


Because a business¹ ability to change production in response to new information is slow, each tier tends to store extra inventory in case of unexpected increases in demand. This inventory represents waste in terms of underutilized capital and associated carrying costs. Now, imagine, at a moment's notice knowing the exact location and status of every returnable in your system. So can Shipping, Receiving, Production, the Warehouse, Suppliers, and even your Customers if you desire. Solutions allows you to track each returnable history and know the exceptions to your schedule promising quicker information flow through the tiers, allowing faster response and smaller inventories. By customizing the Service to your way of doing business Solutions E-business technology will enable you to grow beyond Web technologies to include advanced planning and enterprise resource planning systems across the entire supply chain. E-business is at a critical point in manufacturing. Industry leaders that learn to optimize the supply chain and build necessary relationships will achieve competitive advantage. Companies that fail to move quickly may never catch up and, ultimately, may not survive. Let Solutions leverage the power of the Web to your advantage.